Safer Adventures Start Here

Your cat desperately wants to go outside - but you want them safe.

Other cat harnesses, even other "escape-proof" models are not completely secure because they do not prevent cats from backing out. Other options for letting your cat enjoy the outdoors, like catios are expensive and can look ugly. 


You want your cat to be happy, healthy and enjoy their long life

to the fullest. You also want them with you to explore more of life's pleasures.


That's why we designed a cat harness that is secure in any situation. Whether chasing butterflies, going on walks, or traveling the world with you. 

Handcrafted Leather Cat Harnesses, Collars & Leashes 

Let your cat safely adventure in the mountains, explore the neighborhood or just hang out. 

The story behind the design

Our kittens loved going outside, but they started to escape from their harnesses. We tried 11 different "escape-proof" harnesses and none of them worked.  


Their happiness playing in the garden made us determined to find a way to let them safely enjoy the outdoors. Through observation and study of cat anatomy we finally made a harness that worked.


One day, as we watched our most determined cat execute a flying backwards flip, we prepared for another "hot pursuit"...  We were stunned when the harness kept her secure.


Gracie, pictured here in the first working prototype.