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Vegan Leather Secrets: Plastic vs. Genuine Leather Cat Accessories. Learn Why Ethical and Sustainable Choices Matter.

Vegan Leather Secrets: Plastic vs. Genuine Leather Cat Accessories. Learn Why Ethical and Sustainable Choices Matter.

Posted by Jennifer Hubbard on 6th Aug 2023

This is a common question and so far, the answer is no.  I understand the desire to do less harm to animals and the planet and I'm with you!  "Vegan Leather" is a marketing ploy, not a real thing - read on if you'd like to know more!

The Truth About Vegan Leather  – It's Plastic

I think you’ll agree with my reasoning even if you are a vegan.

Vegan leathers are made from or reinforced with plastic and that makes it much harder on the planet. Cattle are not raised for leather, ever. Leather is a by-product of the meat and dairy industries. Only an estimated 30% of cowhides are made into leather, the rest go to landfills (where they do biodegrade). “Vegan Leather” is a marketing ploy to sell leather to ethical consumers by confusing them.

Why I use leather and consider it the best choice for my products and the planet?

I use leather because it is a better material for cat accessories for all sorts of reasons.

Some leathers are environmentally friendly

All of the leather I use comes from a certified green tannery. Their processes do not contaminate groundwater and the leather is non-toxic if your pet chews on it. The tannery uses artisanal methods and vegetable materials like oak bark. This leather is referred to as vegetable tanned and it naturally develops a patina and forms to your cat with heat and oils, making it more comfortable and beautiful over time.

For most cats, leather smells better and they accept it easily

Cats are very oriented to their sense of smell. New items must be sniffed and if they don’t smell “right” they are not okay with kitty!

Leather is easy to care for and lasts. Leather does just fine when it gets wet. Leather is long-lasting

Vegetable tanned leather is durable and can last for decades. It's been used to make harnesses, saddles and bridles since the 1800’s. Our leather is made using sustainable production processes that don't harm the environment or animals. The hides come from cows raised on grasslands where they graze freely--no hormones or antibiotics are used in their feed.

Our leather holds up to getting wet, muddy, and cleans up easily with mild soap and only needs occasional conditioning with a light application of oil.

Leather biodegrades

When we are finished with leather, it will biodegrade with no harmful residue.

If you are aware of a leather alternative that doesn’t incorporate plastic to reinforce it, let me know!