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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I measure my cat?

It’s pretty easy, the illustration below shows you where you need to measure. 


What sizes are available for the OutBound Cat Harness™?

We make 3 standard sizes and 2 custom extra small and extra-large sizes. We can custom fit for your cat if your send us your measurement, cats age, and whether it is overweight or still growing.

Why is your leather eco-friendly and non-toxic?

All of our leather is certified ecologically and socially responsible by an independent 3rd party, It is processed without toxins.  Our tannery is certified by The Leather Working Group for social and environmental responsibility.

How does the design of the harness prevent escape?

Cats escape from harnesses by backing out. Other harness makers will tell you to keep your cat from getting in a position to do this. Our harness transfers the force of a cat backing out to safely squeeze your cat when they pull back. All the pressure is directed around your cat’s belly, not to the neck or other sensitive structures. Our shock cord is specially made to be tough and long lasting. As a bonus, the squeezing action tends to calm down a panicking cat!

Can I tether my cat?

With supervision, you can tie your cat to something solid. We have our cats outside the studio, in a courtyard for several hours at a time. The main concern is that cats love to tangle themselves on anything they can.

Do I need to supervise my cat?

For short periods of time, once your cat is used to being outside. You can leave them alone - to answer the phone or get a cup of tea or coffee, for instance.

Are there any customer testimonials or reviews for the harness?

On each product page you’ll see a lot of reviews for our harness. We’re super proud of them!

Has the harness been tested and refined specially for cats?

We have tested and developed our design specially for cats. We studied anatomy and watched cats movement to make it as comfortable and ergonomic as possible.

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