Most "cat harnesses" are designed for small dogs.

Cat anatomy is different from dogs. The way cats move is too.


Cats climb and leap suddenly and their shoulders are more mobile than dogs. When a cat panics or tries to escape they will back up, squeeze their very mobile shoulder blades together and escape from any other harness design. We designed the  OutBound Cat Harness™ to solve this problem. It's also one of the few harnesses created specifically for cats. Our unique shape and closure system safely hugs a cat that is trying to escape and releases when the cat relaxes.

The OutBound Harness moves like a cat

Our design encourages a cat to jump, run, and play.


The OutBound Cat Harness™ offers freedom of movement and comfort for even the most active cat. And while your cat is enjoying the great outdoors, you don't have to worry: our harness design is escape-proof, choke-proof, and won't rub or chafe.


The elastic closure is durable, easy to use, and allows the harness move with your cat.

The only design that lets you safely tie your cat

Other harnesses are not secure when tied to solid objects.


If you're outside with your cat in any other harness, you need to hold the leash and pay attention at all times to prevent an escape. The OutBound Cat Harness™ is different. Our design not only keeps a cat secure, it does so safely.  The OutBound Cat Harness™ distributes pressure around the body, so if a cat tries to escape, there is no tension on the neck or throat. You can feel comfortable tying your cat's leash to a solid object when you're using our harness.

About the Maker:

My life has been all about helping make the lives of pets and their people easier and more enjoyable. In 1989, I wrote The Parrot Training Handbook (you can still find it on Amazon) and created a 64- page catalog of specialty supplies for pet parrots.

Years ago, I met my first Tonkinese cats. They are a bit dog-like for cats, wanting to be with their people, friendly, smart, and energetic, and I knew I wanted to have a pair one day. Lucy and Gracie entered my life with high energy, sweetness, and a fascination with the world outside. With the help of Lucy and Gracie, and input from hundreds of customers (and their cats!) I’ve spent the last few years designing and refining this harness - I'm super proud of it, and I really believe it will make you and your cats' lives richer and more fun.