OutBound Cat Harness™ Extra Large

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The safest, most secure harness is made to fit even the largest cats!  Maine Coon?  Chonky?  Round Boi?

Our Extra Large version is made bigger and burlier. We don’t overdo it though, it’s still lightweight and comfy! Made from earth friendly, non-toxic leather, it is beautiful, functional, and designed to last.

The OutBound Cat HarnessXL™ is designed with larger cat's anatomy and movement in mind, to give you peace of mind. We use a stronger elastic cord, that moves, but holds up to more weight and force.  Cats escape from most harnesses by pulling back hard and reversing out. Not so fast! We've created a uniquely shaped, leather harness that safely hugs when your cat pulls back. Combined with a push button closure, this escape- and choke-proof cat harness is the ideal way to let your cat roam their outdoor territory safely – even tethered. The one-of-a-kind design allows your cat freedom of movement and comfort while you get to enjoy being outdoors with your favorite feline friend.

Handcrafted in the USA from non-toxic, bridle leather, The OutBound Cat Harness™ is both functional and stylish.

The OutBound Cat Harness™ is the only harness that allows you to tether your cat to an outdoor fixture (under supervision) so they can spend more time together while you relax, garden, or socialize outside.

Whether you are adventuring, relaxing, or going to the Veterinarian, take advantage of the harness that cats love and that offers you peace of mind in any setting.

The OutBound Cat Harness XL™

  • allows larger cats full range of motion
  • is designed for tethering
  • prevents escapes and back outs
  • doesn’t put pressure on the neck
  • is made from long-lasting, Earth-friendly materials
  • is easy to put on and adjust

Order now and experience the purrfect harness for your cat’s adventures.

We guarantee fit and function. If your harness does not fit, or your cat manages to escape, we'll make it right! Please contact us within 45 days of receipt at: hello@cataboutusa.com or 505-204-0791.

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  • 5
    Reviewed on Etsy

    Posted by Adrienne on 14th Jun 2022

    I have an extra large, not chonky, cat and needed help on deciding the size harness for this big fellow. The seller was VERY helpful and the harness is beautiful.

  • 5
    Verified Buyer

    Posted by Rochelle on 17th May 2022

    So Jax has only worn it once. He hates it. Mostly because he was unable to remove it on his first time out with it. It looks like he could get out if he was calm (and calculating). We will have to test it more. The quality is amazing and I am impressed by the design. I would recommend this harness happily to any cat slave.

  • 5
    Verified Buyer

    Posted by Shannon on 28th Apr 2022

    perfect fit! thank you so much for customizing the size to my cat!

  • 5
    Verified Buyer

    Posted by kelli on 31st Oct 2021

    Our Maine coon cat loves this!!

  • 5
    Reviewed on Etsy

    Posted by Sarah on 25th Oct 2021

    The seller contacted me before making the harness to double check the sizing was correct in case I buy the wrong one, which I was super appreciative for. It came in perfect condition and fits my cat beautifully, it was quite easy to put on as well and came with instructions if you get confused.

  • 5
    Verified Buyer

    Posted by Panya on 28th May 2021

    Very sturdy and seems much more secure on my 15lb jungle cat than other harnesses we have used in the past!

  • 5
    Verified Buyer

    Posted by amandajo8629 on 19th Apr 2021

    I have two large cats and one specifically that dreads any kind of harness! With this harness, she is more willing to adventure and doesn't shut down and roll over like others. Maybe she felt restricted? But the experience was super easy! I measured the chest as directed and was contacted to confirm. The next thing I know, it was delivered! Love the quality and experience. Thank you!

  • 5
    Reviewed on Etsy

    Posted by Fawnuss on 16th Apr 2021

    Excellent harness! And it came super fast! Plus Jennifer went out of their way to make sure I was ordering the right size for my cat. A+ experience all around, tysm! :)