Retractable Leash for Small Pets - Lightweight, Easy Grip, with LED Light

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If you want a longer leash, retractable leashes are the way to go. Unlike many retractable leashes, this one is quiet and will not pull back strongly or startle your cat. Designed specifically for cats and small dogs.

This beautiful, well designed leash is specifically for small cats and dogs. It's easy to hold by the handle or slipped over your arm for handsfree, secure use. The built in LED light is rechargeable with an included USB charging cable.

You can take a walk at any time, day or night, thanks to this Hands-Free Retractable Leash.

Voted the best retractable leash of 2021!

With its built-in LED flashlight, you’ll make those early-morning and late-night struts that much safer. Plus, it’s small enough to use with just one hand, so this sleekly designed retractable leash allows for freedom of movement and the ability to multitask, whether you’ve got a tote, groceries, or your morning cup of coffee. Perfect for cats this Hands-Free Retractable Leash is sure to light up your walks like never before.

Features * Built-in LED light * Rechargeable - charging cord included * Hands-free use * Sleek-modern design