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OutBound Cat Harness™ - Special Edition - Soft Taupe Leather

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"I designed this harness after my cats slipped out of 11 different types of harnesses. I wanted to give cat owners an easier way to explore the world with their kitties by their side, knowing they're safe and secure.

After a year of prototypes and testing I developed the first design that worked (this was 2019). Over the past 3 years the OutBound Cat Harness™ has developed into what it is today.  Is it possible for a cat to escape? Yes, though very, very unlikely. Over thousands of harnesses sold I know of 4 cats that are able to escape when they try really, really hard. If your cat can escape, I'll accept a return or try to solve the problem for you."

Jennifer Hubbard, owner of Cat About USA.

This version is Handcrafted in the US from non-toxic leather in a beautiful soft grey/brown (taupe) color, this limited edition color is designed to provide optimal comfort and freedom of movement for your furry companion.

Our unique design hugs your cat securely when they pull back. The push-button closure ensures a snug fit, with no pressure on the neck eliminating choking hazards. Whether your cat loves roaming their outdoor territory or simply exploring the garden, our harness is the ideal choice for outdoor adventures, even when tethered.

Available in sizes for any cat, order a standard size or customize it to your cat. Our standard sizes run from LG/XL for bigger and burlier cats to Med/Large for super athletic felines, and Small/Medium for smaller fully grown cats and kittens, the OutBound Cat Harness™ suits cats of all shapes and sizes. Our "most cats" model is built strong, using athlete tested and approved materials.

Not only does our harness keep your cat safe, but it also allows full range of motion without putting pressure on their neck, ensuring their comfort during walks or vet visits. Crafted from Earth-friendly, non-toxic materials, this harness is not only functional but also eco-friendly.

Give your cat the freedom they crave and the protection they need with the OutBound Cat Harness™. Whether you're adventuring, relaxing, or spending time outdoors, our harness guarantees your peace of mind. Plus, it's the only harness that enables supervised tethering, allowing you to enjoy more quality time with your furry companion.

Order now to experience the purrfect harness for your cat's adventures - The OutBound Cat Harness™ - designed with your cat's anatomy and movement in mind, providing both safety and style for all your outdoor endeavors.

We guarantee fit and function. If your harness does not fit, or your cat manages to escape, we'll make it right! Please contact us within 45 days of receipt at: or 505-204-0791.

91 Reviews

  • 1
    Like wearing nothing at all!

    Posted by Dawn Snow on 29th Jun 2024

    My senior cat is new to taking hikes and too easily backed out of other popular harnesses. He doesn't like the vest styles and all styles I tried would irritate his neck. The first time exploring outside in the outbound harness he acted like he had nothing on at all. He's able to roll, jump, and run without any restrictions. And the backing out? When he wants to go one direction and I want to go the other, he turns around and takes a step or two and realizes it's no use and trots over to me. I feel much better knowing he won't escape and is comfortable and free in his harness. Definitely a customer for life!

  • 5
    Stylish, comfortable and safe

    Posted by Catslave on 22nd Jun 2024

    Truly escape-proof; this harness is so comfortable that she doesn't even try, but last evening we had an incident in which kitty was startled and bolted. My wine spilled, but no cat leakage!

  • 5
    OutBound Cat Harness™ - Special Edition - Soft...

    Posted by Bonnie Rossi on 11th Jun 2024

    OutBound Cat Harness™ - Special Edition - Soft Taupe Leather

  • 5

    Posted by Diana Richards on 31st May 2024

    I bought 2 of these harness. 1 of my cats got scared and jumped and twisted to get free but the harness held. We use them daily.

  • 5
    Outbound Cat Harness

    Posted by Diane Trinnes on 18th May 2024

    Very well made. My cat escaped from many other harnesses, but not this one. Now he gets to enjoy the backyard safely with us.

  • 5

    Posted by Diane Trinnes on 11th May 2024

    This harness is the best! My cat escaped from all pervious harnesses until I found this one. Now my furry best friend can enjoy our patio with us; knowing he is safe and secure. He can enjoy his outside stimulation that he deserves.

  • 5
    So much better!

    Posted by Lori W on 11th May 2024

    This harness definitely keeps kitty more secure than any other I have tried. She cannot back out of it.

  • 5
    Well Made!

    Posted by Tina on 10th Apr 2024

    This is a really sturdy harness! I really like how it works to help prevent escapes. My cat is a Houdini with normal harnesses. Would definitely recommend!

  • 5
    Best Harness on the market

    Posted by Mary on 7th Mar 2024

    I was skeptical of the anti backing out feature but after seeing it in action I am convinced! With my cats old harness if I tugged on the leash he freezes and any attempt to direct him results in the old harness coming off over his head. With this harness I am able to gently direct his path and the knowledge my cat is completely secure is wonderful. Highly recommend this harness!