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How to Care for Bridle Leather: Expert Tips and Tricks

How to Care for Bridle Leather: Expert Tips and Tricks

Posted by Jennifer Hubbard on 20th Mar 2023

We use Bridle Leather on all our products, it is the only material designed  for animals to wear next to their skin. Not only is it beautiful, its durable, non-toxic, earth friendly and easy to clean. In fact, with proper care it can last for hundreds of years.

If your item gets dirty, use a mild soap, saddle soap, glycerin soap or a baby wipe to remove dirt or smudges.

It is normal for leather to soften and develop patina with exposure to heat, sunlight and oils.

We recommend applying a leather conditioner when it feels like the leather needs it. Your leather will start to feel a bit stiffer than usual, or notice it feels dry. Any leather conditioner will work well. mink oil is ideal as it adds a bit of waterproofing along with moisture. You can also use olive oil or another cooking oil!

Water? No problem!

Did your harness get wet? No worries, our leathers are meant to be used. If the item is soaked, blot it dry and then let it air dry. Leather will become stiff when exposed to very hot or very cold water, you can work the leather with your hands to remove excess moisture and hang the harness to dry. If your cats harness gets soaked simply allow it to dry and use leather conditioner to restore suppleness.